Sunday, 3 July 2016

Discovery Time 14/06/16

Discovery Time Reflection

Today at Discovery I did science with Felix, Ryan, Will, Gabriel, Jayden and Ollie.S inside the classroom.

I showed a growth mindset by not giving up.

Someone I noticed was Jayden because he used his initative.

I learned that salt can't make a homemade lava lamp work.

Something I need to do next time is be less silly.

Thursday, 30 June 2016



I played soccer for the Waimairi C Team. One time I was the goalie and I saved the goal 6 times and I have never been goalie. Anyways it started like this Felix was going to be our goalie but he was sick so our coach chose me to be our goalie. I didn't want to be goalie and I just said I wasn't good but I was goalie anyways. Most of the time the ball was on the other side then unexpectedly the ball sprinted towards me I didn't know what to do so I just caught the ball then the coach said good job so I assumed I was doing good so I did it all the other times. Sometimes I just kicked the ball. At halfway we were losing 1 nil but the coach still said  “you did really good and you said you weren't good but you were amazing out there” and that sent me a feeling. A feeling that was tingly and amazing it was a feeling of pride and I could tell our coach was proud for me as well.


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Camp 2016

Camp Poem

I was shaking when the deadly game of spotlight began.
People were trembling in the darkness.
The children's shadows faded in the night.
The lantern flickered in the distance.
A lot of people fell over, injuries were all over.
The big mighty tree swayed around.
The adults spotted the kids like eagles. 
The glimmering light blinded me.
The sneaky kids vanished into the grass blending into the darkness.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Discovery Time 22/03/16

Discovery Time

Today at Discovery Time I did planter boxes with Felix, Gabriel, Pierre, Todd and Darren at Darren's shed.

The role I played was drilling and holding the wood down, placing the wood in the right places and screwing the holes, but I didn't do much drilling.

The strategies I used was making appropriate choices so I would not goof off as much as last time, and also I used concentration on my work so I would not get distracted by the others.

Something new I have learnt is that I can screw a hole with a screwdriver instead of always using the drill. I learnt this because the drill ran out of power.

A struggle for me was using the screwdriver when there was no drilled hole.

I showed a growth mindset when I said I would just give drilling a go.

Next Discovery Time I want to show an improvement by drilling a bit more and working more in a team and encouraging other people to work sensibly.

Overall this Discovery Time I think our team did a little bit less work because most people were mucking around.

Special place (Bali)

Special place (Bali)

Lush bushes rustle in the gentle breeze.
A refreshing coat of water covers the floor of sand.
Soft waves of heat evaporate from the stand still.
Delicious food beams up into people's mouths.
Clear water trembles down the water slides.
Happy kids shout in the hot breeze. 
Bright fireworks jump up in the night sky..
Soft beds squeeze down.
Slug traffic slows down.

-Andrè Liswoyo

Tuesday, 1 March 2016



I was watching the vicious popcorn rise up from the yellow monster, to me it smelled irresistible, it was steaming smelt buttery and dangerous goodness. 

The popcorn shot up and landed in the bowl. It was like a volcano of seeds and popcorn and it sounded like hair dryer blowing it’s gears out and it buzzed like a bee.

 I snatched a handful of popcorn like a man stealing candy from a child. My mouth was watering over the green bowl I felt like drooling. I felt it, it felt lumpy, odd and hot. 

I was getting ready to put it in my mouth, it was soft like cotton candy it was not buttery. It tasted like a salty treat. It was very puffy and lumpy in my mouth. 

The machine whirled once more. The scent of the popcorn wafted up my nose it smelt scrumptious. 

They put a camera on top of the machine, it looked even more like a volcano, the machine span on the inside and random pieces of seeds popped and puffed in to popcorn.

 While the machine shot out popcorn like bullets people at the front caught some, sadly I didn't catch anything.

Sunday, 6 December 2015


Deep in the woods covered with snow, hidden among towering tall trees, there is a tree house. The windows are as shiny as polished gold. The lights in the house glow like a gold mine of fireflies. The varnish gives the wood a golden glow. The snow around the tree is as smooth as a soft and silky blanket. The air is cold and chilly. When the door opens a blast of warm air floods out.

The fire in the brass metal fireplace leaps up and down and sounds like an old radio cracking. There are no distractions thanks to the thick windows. A glistening sun settles over the sea. And not a cloud for miles. Back inside the glinting lights illuminate the room like turning on a torch in a pitch black room. The temperature inside is not too hot and not too cold. There are see through stairs that lead to the kitchen. 

In the kitchen and dining area there is a little room up top with an en suite. There's a smooth wooden kitchen with a big curve on the end that allows lots of room to cool. It's got a 100 star microwave, freezer, & stove. It has heaps of drawers for 1000$ kitchen equipment. Sitting on top of the bar is a floating wine bottle with ginger beer in it. If you take it away to drink it and a new one appears. Next to the bar are floating seats. They're so comfortable it's like sitting on marshmallows.

There's also a trophy room/memory room with lots of pictures and some old toys. The picture frames are as shiny as pearls. There's also a chocolate fountain there too. The chocolate spits out into a small pool for scooping up some lovely tasty chocolate with a cup. Upstairs there's a hot spa with blasters you can lie there and relax. Behind the spa there's a juice dispenser with 20 different flavours. The room is 100% gold.

The shape of the bedroom is like an egg. Windows slope up on an angle because of the unique shape of the room. Beside the bed there is an egg shaped window to look out of and see nature. At the end of the bed there is a 80 inch tv with an Xbox and a PlayStation connected to it and a desk that has a personal computer on it for games. The duvet on the bed is white with two dark bull racing stripes down it like a race car. It's really comfortable like sleeping on a cloud. Just push a button and the bed is made.

This is the treehouse I would love and I'm going there today.